Tips and Tricks

BuyTwoVino Heritage System


  • Vacuum Sealer to preserve your wine for up to two weeks
  • Wine Aerator
  • Air-powered wine bottle opener
  • Foil Cutter


Unlike many of its competitors that require unhealthy and pricey CO2 cartridges, the VinoTwo Heritage System is a healthy and lets you enjoy your wine the next day or longer, making it the perfect gift for yourself or wine lovers in your life.

You can purchase the kit and receive a 30% discount and free shipping (discount applied at checkout) when you use the link: 

*This product is used and preferred by MyRedWineGuys

Ah-So Wine Cork Remover

Using a two-pronged Ah-So wine cork remover is a great way to remove the cork from a wine bottle without damaging the cork or getting cork pieces into your wine. The corkscrew is the standard, however, the Ah-So two-pronged wine cork remover allows you to open the bottle without the possibility of getting cork pieces into the wine. Give it a try and you may never use a corkscrew cork remover again. Highly recommended by MyRedWineGuys!


How to aerate wine faster than decanting!


Aearating wine is a great way to cut time and getting to your wine quicker without decanting it for a couple hours. We use the Aervanna aerator often and it works very well. You can find this one on Amazon for $99.00.




Another aerator that is less expensive is the Vinturi essential wine aerator. You pour the wine through this into the decantor and it reduces the time by about an hour. It will run you about $22.



TIP – How to graciously refuse a bad wine in a restaurant

We learned from a Mondavi wine expert how to refuse a bad wine graciously. The trick is to do it before you even drink it. Start by smelling the wine when the waiter pours the wine to be sampled. If it doesn’t smell right then swirl it around and smell it again. If you are still uncertain about the wine, Do Not Taste It! Ask the waiter “I am still uncertain about the wine and  going to defer to your judgement.” Hand him the wine and ask “Please taste the wine for me.”

We had to use this technique at a restaurant during our recent visit to Napa.  We had ordered a decent priced wine. Our server poured an initial glass for approval. After using the above technique the server politely took the wine to the manager. The manager returned with a different wine and poured a glass for initial approval. This wine was good and the manager apologized for the first bottle. We enjoyed the wine and our dinner.

The moral of this story is, Don’t ever let a bad bottle of wine ruin a good meal! Cheers!