Pegasus Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Ok so sometimes you just have to buy wine for its label.  What a delight that the wine on the inside was just as great as the label was on the outside!  Pegasus, an Estate Winery from the Santa Ynez Valley is a Cabernet Sauvignon.  The bouquet is cherry, plum and light oak with hints of licorice.  It’s a medium bodied wine with light pleasing tannins, and is very smooth on the tongue.  This was our Christmas wine so we needed a wine that would really hold up to our roast beef that was cooked on our Traeger Grill.  Pegasus was up to the challenge and paired perfectly with the meat as well as the sides.  I must say I did not expect such a great Cabernet from the Santa Ynez Valley.  Truly a marvelous wine for drinking on its own or pairing with                                                                   all types of red meats and hearty cheeses.  I give this                                                                       wine 4 “flying” glasses! 

About myredwineguys

My red wine guys, Jim and Rich, have been drinking and comparing red wines together for the last 10 years. We drink reds exclusively (except for champagne during New Year’s Eve celebration's or special occasions). In our search to find the best red wine for the buck, we are constantly buying and drinking a variety of reds. Frequently, we see many of our favorite reds increase in price (making them impractical to buy and consume with the dismal economy). This motivates us to try and compare lesser known reds from a variety of wineries. We are constantly telling our friends where to buy and save on these great reds. One weekend over a bottle of red wine (of course), we decided to share our recommendations with the world via a blog (with the support of our wives who really think this is another way for us to drink more red wine). We are going to be making road trips up the coast and sharing our opinions on some great California Reds. Jim is a retired Navy Senior Chief now working as a Navy Technical Rep. His world travels have given him the opportunity to taste wines on different continents. He finds himself often comparing them to his favorite region – Napa Valley’s Oakville/Rutherford districts that produce some of the world’s best Cabernet Sauvignon's. Richard is a musician who grew up in Santa Maria with a family rich with red wine tradition. According to the family legends, his grandfather used to make wine out of grapefruit when grapes were not available. He grew up drinking and making wine with his father and other Italian families in the central coast, long before there were grape vines in the area. In fact, the reason his family located to California was to make wine! Thank you for visiting our site! We hope you enjoy a glass of exceptional red wine soon!
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