History of Red Wine

Early History

Early wine production transcended many different nations and cultures. According to the Red Wine website, red wine production began in the Caucasus region of Georgia as well as in Iran around 6000 BC. Ancient Egyptians left detailed information in the form of paintings on tomb walls describing how wine was produced. Babylonians, Greeks and Romans all established vineyards and cultivated grapes.


Different types of red wine were developed throughout the centuries, according to the Red Wine website. Bordeaux was exported to England from Bordeaux, France around the year 1000, while Pinot Noir dates back to the Roman period. Chianti was developed in Italy from the Sangoviese wine before the 15th century.


The wine industry was nearly wiped out during the 1800s. A fungus called Oidium, or powdery mildew, attacked European vineyards during the 1800s, blackening and wilting the vines. The surviving plants were soon attacked by an American aphid called Phylloxera that came over on vine samples.



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